Custom recurring donations

I’m almost finished building a website for a non-profit. They’d like to offer recurring monthly donations. I know I can add preset amount recurring donations. But I’d like to offer an option for people to choose their own recurring amount to donate. Is this currently possible? For now I’m only able to offer a one time custom donation option.

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hi @Laine_Eisenbart it is question on payment gate provider you or your client use than on WF.

WF provide only connection to payment gate and nothing else so has no responsibility if things go south. You can thing about that that putting plug (WF) into socket (payment gate) . So you should read documentation of let say Stripe and see what they offer and how to.

Most important is vulnerability and before you offer donation payment online system you should thing twice. You can search web for keyword web donation vulnerability to get more into picture as web donation are used with organisations to test stolen cards etc. If you give an option to choose their own amount they can test card with only minimum to check if card is processed.

Online donation form is fine but need extra care and maintenance to keep it up to date to prevent vulnerability.

good luck

Hi @Laine_Eisenbart.
Josh with Foxy here. You might consider our seamless Webflow integration and drop-in donation element. More info here: And here’s a demo:

Takes only a couple of minutes to configure and supports one-time, recurring, preset amounts, custom amount, designations, and more.

In addition, we connect with 100+ gateways and payment methods and offer a drop-in portal that allows your donors to login and view their donation history right inside of your Webflow site.

We offer an unlimited free trial so you can test things out for as long as you need, 100% free. Here to help if you have any questions or need help getting started: