Custom mobile nav ignores initial state, opening on page load not first click. Any ideas?

Hello everyone. i’m working on a custom mobile navigation on tablet devices and smaller. the menu looks right, and opening it and closing it works exactly as expected. problem is, it opens immediately upon page load. i have the initial state set to display none, and on first click it should open everything as laid out in the animation panel. however, no matter what i do, it immediately opens the nav and ignores the initial state and “first click” trigger. if i make the close animation (second click) animation the first click state, it will load closed, but require 2 clicks to open the menu rather than one. i’m new to webflow, so for the life of me i can’t figure out where i’ve gone wrong. does anyone with more experience in this department see why this might be happening?

EDIT: I’ve also just noticed that no matter what, it also takes 2 clicks to close the open menu upon page load. for some reason, it’s just ignoring the initial state, but after the second click it works as intended, even if the first click’s initial state is ignored.

read only link below. Animation is triggered on clicking the “Menu Button” div inside of the “Mobile Nav Block” component on tablet devices and below.

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