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Custom Image in Unordered List - Startup Template - How is it done?

Hi, here is Andrea from Munich, Germany,

I am building a new website based on your wonderful free template startup:

On this pricing-page are these green checkmarks in the unordered list, I am trying now for 2 hours to understand, how the image is pasted into the list?

Anybody have a little hint for me? Would be wonderful :slight_smile:
thx, Andrea

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Hello @andreabarabas

They are just placed in the list item. The list item is set to position relative and the list item icon is set to position absolute.

See here >

Piter :webflow_heart:

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wow, thanks a lot for your quick and and phantastic video-answer, very good to understand like this. This helps a lot :ok_hand: :webflow_heart:
snowy greetings from Germany, Andrea
(just starting with webflow, because of the stop of adobe muse)

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Nice to see you here! Webflow is way better :webflow_heart: And professional :wink:

Have fun!