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Custom function help: Webflow to WordPress using Udesly

Hi !

There is a new website I used Udesly to convert a Webflow site into WordPress theme. It’s easy but the process is a bit complicated to be honest. Everything works fine finally. Here is the site.

I have an issue with pagination button, for example this page

When clicking “next” and “prev”, it just kind of swaps the content, not even refresh the page. Users may not notice the change and will have to scroll to top again to browse.

I know it is kind of limitation of Udesly, but the result is poor user experience.

The “Prev” and “Next” come from Webflow’s layout. Instead of the default href="#" currently (which I do not have an option on the Webflow panel), I wonder if it is possible to make it href="#top" with a custom snippet.

In this way, at the same time clicking the “Prev” and “Next”, the content changes and the page will jump to the Top for better browsing experience.

I tried to code the function for this but not success. Hope someone could help.

Thanks in advance!


Webflow’s read-only link.

hi, anyone able to take a look and help~