Custom form action and default webflow form action at same time

I’m building a multi page form and I’d like to submit form data to Webflow at each page of the form. I’ve successfully passed form data from page to page using: Email-URL pass-through

This requires me to have a custom form action that overrides the default Webflow form submit action:

Is there a way to have both the custom form action so that I can pass form data to the URL, as well as submit the form data from page 1 to Webflow using the default Webflow action?

I’m looking for the same thing. Did you ever find a solution @youssef?

Did anyone ever find a solution? I’m currently having the same issue.

I used this -
Webflow.push(function() {
(‘form’).submit(function() { setTimeout(function() { location.href = ‘https://redirecturl?name=’ + (’#name’).val() + ‘&email=’ + (’#email’).val() + ‘&phone=’ + (’#phone’).val() + ‘&a1=’ + $(’#a’).val();
}, 100);

in order to do the form submission as well as redirect with the url parameters. This removed dependency on action in my specific case.

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I wound up using sessionStorage to achieve the outcome I was looking for.

It’s not best practice to store sensitive information in the browser like this and probably violates GDPR unless you disclose what you’re doing with the information. But I’m not passing along anything egregious in my case and at least storing it in the session clears it eventually (as opposed to localStorage). I also clear it after the form submission.

Here are decent docs on sessionStorage.