Custom font upload showing the Google font version in designer for some reason?


Anyone ever experience an issue where they upload a custom font and instead of showing the custom font the Google Font shows. Normally I won’t really mind. Won’t be any GDPR issues etc with this project, but the Google Font version doesn’t have all the weights. So, I can’t select semi-bold as the Google Font doesn’t have a 600. It doesn’t show that a Google Font was added in site settings, it shows all the uploaded weights in TTF, Woff and Woff2. But when I try and select in the designer the font sits under Google Fonts and not under custom. I’ve removed and readded the font with no luck?

Webflow support is spinning some story that a custom uploaded font can’t have the same name as the Google Font or it’ll use the Google font, which is rubbish as Webflow themselves suggests uploading Google Fonts, but this is what support is saying:

If the uploaded font is using the same file name the Google font will be used. If you want to completely remove the use of Google fonts script you must make sure that there’s no class on the site using the font.

I’ve made sure the font is now not used anywhere, but also check the networks tab an even with no Google font used in the project Google’s Webfont.js is present.