Custom font doesn;t display

Hi! I uploaded every needed format for my custom font but it’s still not displaying in the designer.
(Comfortaa extrabold 800)
What can be the problem?

This is my link: Webflow - Portfolio

Hey Avital, Comfortaa does not appear to have anything over 700-


Hi! That’s right. I’m trying to upload 800 and 900

Ah I see, I wonder if the names are conflicting, like Webflow can only handle one font with that exact name. If you remove the Google Font reference for the lower resolutions of Comfortaa, does 800 and 900 show?

Yesssssssssssssss!! Thank you Genius!!
But how do I put them all together now?

Ok leave it, the 800 and 900 fonts doesn’t even work :joy:
I’m putting back the old one, thank you a lot for your help!

Aw thanks :slight_smile: You found a very interesting situation, If I needed then both, think I would try editing the font file and adding 800 to the font name to see if it loads separately.

Unfortunately you’d also have to select it separately in the designer and you want 800 and 900 weights, but at least they’d both load. Maybe…