Custom FIlter using multiple CMS'


I’m looking for any help with filtering a CMS collection using another CMS collection nested into it for the categories and button options above. I have the UI to my preference I don’t know JS enough to custom it for what I’m trying to do.

Oh and the filter needs to show all CMS objects by default with “ALL” as current.

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Hey @Wizastudios I have two recommendations for you.

  1. Use the built in tabs component and conditional filter on a collection list within each tab. The tab links become your filter buttons. (links below)
  2. Checkout Jetboost’s plugin for filtering CMS items

Hope this helps.

@Wizastudios The Finsweet Library can also do this. Check out the doc (with video tutorial) here: Example6 - 1 nested collection, dynamic filter buttons

It takes a little JS knowledge but he walks you through it. I was able to get it working pretty quickly.

@matthewpmunger tabs idea is a great idea too.

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