Custom field in sign up form

I would like to include a custom field in Webflow’s sign up form. I already used a HTML Embed element and a custom code to do that since it cannot be done traditionally in the designer. The problem is that the custom field is not showing in the form submission (I am using the Sign Up form for a flow on Integromat). How can I include a custom field in the sign up form that would show in the sign up form submission using custom code or any other tools. Help please.

Hi Kalu, you’ll need to share your readonly designer link.
Are you referring to a Webflow User Accounts sign-up form?

Those do not directly trigger a form submit, however there is a user_created webhook.

If custom fields in your sign up form are crucial to your project, I’d recommend checking out Memberstack.

Here are a bunch of signup form cloneables, many of which have custom fields in them.

That is the read only link. I am making use of the Webflow User Accounts Sign Up Form. I was able to use a code to put custom fields in the form but the custom field info was not coming up in the submission backend.

Can I just clone a sign up form from Memberstack without having to integrate memberstack to my site and paying for it?

You can! They’re all free, no registration needed :slight_smile: But you won’t get any of the functionalities of Memberstack with it, including custom fields

As Julian points out, Webflow’s User Accounts is pretty bare-bones, but it can be the right tool for very simple jobs and projects with zero budget.

I’ve just verified that it does still support custom user fields at signup. These might not come through on the user_created webhook, but they will come through on user_updated which fires at the same time.

Here’s how to add the fields;

Thank you very much. This video actually helped. Apparently, I was doing it the wrong way. I was trying to add the custom fields directly from the sign up form settings on the Sign Up page in the designer. Anytime I tried to click on the plus icon for custom fields, I always got an error saying “All available fields have been added”.

I did not know that I needed to add the custom fields through the User Accounts Settings. The custom fields will then be available to be added to the sign up form from the Sign Up form settings on the design page. Thanks for clearing that up!

PS: The custom fields are also coming through on the user_created webhook.

Yes I found that counterintuitive as well.