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Custom Embed Code Still Appearing in Source

Hey, all!

I’ve having a bit of an issue. I’m attempting to add three custom code boxes on a single page, each containing Stripe Checkout code. I realized after placing the code in each box, it was loading the Stripe script in three separate instances, so I removed it from all three and just applied it to the header across all pages so it’d only load once. However, despite that, removing and re-adding the custom code boxes, or just removing them all together, the old code is still appearing somewhere in the source, despite being removed completely. Giving me the error.

For example, if you go to the webpage now (, you’ll see only one Subscribe button. But if you go to view the actual source, there are still three instances of the button appearing in the source.

I’ve left it for about 24 hours hoping it would catch up, but still seeing the issue.

Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

Hi if you want some help from the forum you ned to provide your read only link

Resolved on my end! Had two different containers for mobile and desktop view and forgot I was hiding it. Just had to merge it into one view and we were good.

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