Custom CSS File Not Rendering In Designer

This is not specific to one site, so a read-only link is not necessary.

In the designer, the only way to load third party custom css is to load it on a single page in a custom element block. If you load it via the header / footer scripts on that page, or sitewide, it will not display in the designer.

This seems like a huge oversight as we can’t load standardized css across our websites while having it viewable in designer.

Are there any steps we can take to make sure that the designer is accurately reflecting all css loaded onto the page?


@Ray_Tri - To have your CSS render in the designer you need to use the embed element for custom code. External assets are not loaded in the designer. Only on the front end published sites.

If you have > 10k characters (the limit on a single embed) break your CSS into multiple embeds. Just be aware that the browser loads that CSS as part of the page load versus an external resource. At least it won’t be render blocking.

Yes, we were able to do that but that’s obviously a really gross work around. Having to maintain a custom element on every page just to inject external CSS is a horrific practice from a code management standpoint.

@Ray_Tri - I agree but Webflow has lots of limitations and you either live with them, work around them, or move. Sorry to say but that is what it is.

You can add and item to the wishlist but I would be prepared to wait. I thought Webflow would embrace modern CSS and I have been waiting on that since 2017.