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Custom Form Functions & Submission

As a designer/dev I really like how easy Webflow makes it to build quick prototypes and websites, and also how easy it makes more complex things for new users like form submission …

However, please don’t silo certain features within your platform like Form Submission and allow more advanced web developers (who are already paying) to access customization when needed out of the box (there are so many questions on the forum about custom forms).

Thank you & keep up the good work !

I am not sure what you want that isn’t already there. You are free to embed any form you like, from a custom php handler to a 3rd party form service. The possibilities are endless.

The point is, D: Why make it so easy to put in forms, but then make it so complex to configure the functions those forms execute. If I can d&d form elements, why can’t I use them for my custom functions, why do I have to go through greater work to embed custom fields or even another party service just for a simple contact form with custom functioning.