Custom calculator integration into a Webflow page

Hi everyone,

I have already opened a subject about my issues, but I didn’t had answers, so I’ll try to be more clear in this one.

I have made a custom mortgage form calculator with jquery which I tested and it works perfectly fine. I tried to integrate it into a Webflow page and here’s where my problems begin. It doesn’t work. I tried many solutions, put the whole custom code with links to the js files. Build the form inside a Webflow page. I even try to embed the js code inside the page, none of them worked. Even the CSS files aren’t working.

I read somewhere in that forum that Webflow corrects the js code. But is there a way to prevent that, or at least to make my form work.

CSS files in page settings:
Sans titre2

JS files in page settings:
Sans titre

And here is my site Read-Only: LINK

Where you test this code? (Add code example. Codepen/Jfiddle).

Try to fix this console error.

The btn-single is wrong syntax.

Anyway its hard to answer (Your code is very long).

Also the files should be with correct file type (.js and .css - your files types are .txt).

Thank you for your answer. I used .txt as a solution I found in this forum, as actually, you can’t upload .js or .css into Webflow.

I was looking for this too! But I prefer to choose an embeddable calculator from Convertcalculator. This helped me with all the headaches that the code produces me.
Setting it up is a walk in the park!

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