Implement github project in Webflow (using jsDelivr)

Hi Everyone,

Need help ASAP :slight_smile:

I’m working on a project, and the goal is to implement a calculate pricing form coded in html - css - javascript which is currently in a repository on github.

The site is already Online, it’s just missing this calculation form.

The problems are the followings :

  • My custom code extends more than the limit of 10 000 characters ; is there any solution possible to embed an external HTML code with js and css included inside? I tried to put an iframe balise but it’s rendering pure HTML code…

  • When i cut my project in order to have less than 10 000 characters, i can’t load the js file and this one is not working on the project… For the info i’m using JsDelivr as CDN.

  • Finally the CSS file is working at 90%, but i’m having problems on certain things like button alignement…

If anyone has a clue :smiley:

Thanks again !!

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Hey @Clement_Auffray

Did you saw Export your Webflow Site to GitHub Automated, Export CMS and WebP Images already? I think that is what solves your problem.

There, you can create any file, and then just link it to your own custom domain.

For example you create a js file to js folder and then your custom code would look like this:

<script src="">

Thanks for the share, I will take a good look at it :slight_smile:


Sure thing! It is one of the easiest way to get around those limits.

I started to take a look at it;
What i’m looking for is to implement custom code from a github repository through jsDelivr which seems to be the only way to call js files outside github. Am I right?
Do you think your documentation is made for me?

you want jsdelivr because of performance? you could also create a jsdeliver account and it may has some requirements and create it there but its way more complex than just create a .js file in github and then just reference this in your custom code. once you serve your site for example with cloudflare it will also be on an CDN.

Yes, docs we have available at discord: stacket

It’s pretty hard to put simple words on what I want exactly haha ^^
My goal is to implement a custom calculate price form IN my webflow project. So i wanted to use Custom embed code from webflow, implement my html code in it then load the JS and CSS ressources. All of these files are in the same github repository folder. The CSS seems to work but have some bugs with the display of labels and others…

But my JS file is not working on the page, I don’t know why…

okay but then you already got your setup. If it has semantic errors We need to see some code if something not works. I thougth you want to deliver js files from github onto webflow but seems you already have some kind of setup already.

What do u mean it is not working, does it show 404 or what excatly?

Yes my code is ready, and it’s working on local display; I’m using Jquery in my js file.

When i’m cloning my repository from Github and launching it in my “live” in VSCode it’s working with no problem.

I wanted to use JsDelivr solution cause I saw that it could be a solution to implement Jsfiles and CSS files from a github repo to Webflow custom embed code.

But when I try to implement it on Webflow, the javascript is just not working. It seems that I have a 404 error yes :confused:

To complete my sayings :

jsdeliver for that is not the right thing. it is used when millions of people use your js code. this is just a privat snippet.

could you come to the discord so I can explain it for you how to make that? it is very very dead easy.

Hahaha the last sentence breaks my heart, i’m trying for 2 days to get the answer x)

I finish my work and I can be there in 2 hours !

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