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Soundcloud Player across multiple pages


I am trying to create a soundcloud player that automatically plays through my soundcloud playlist upon the site loading up. I have gotten to this point no problem. What I am trying to do now is to allow the audio player to keep playing when they switch pages. The site starts over from the beginning when going to a new page, I would like to prevent this.

Thank you

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When you load another page, the browser discards everything. The only solutions are:

  • framesets
  • iframes
  • loading other pages’ contents using ajax
  • use tabs to keep everything in one page, faking the appearance of a new page, but actually it’s only changing tabs.

For Webflow, you cannot code framesets. Usage of iframes and ajax requires knowledge of JavaScript, and a different way of structuring your site. The last solution is obvious and should be easy for you to implement.

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