Custom Attributes / Udesly ( I am losing my Mind )🤷‍♂️

Hello All,

Desperately looking for some assistance here… I am so confused that I don’t even know why i’m confused anymore lol. Here’s the problem!

I am currently exporting a clients website to shopify using udesly however can’t seem to get the site under the 50mb shopify requirement. I’ve compressed images and optimised as much as I could, still sitting around 80mbs.

As I’ve been doing my inspections I’ve noticed every div, container, text, image, literally everything has a bind in the custom attributes. I have no idea why or when that was applied throughout the site but I’d assume that is somewhat playing a roll in the final web size. The binds show as different lines of code in the export…

I’ve also noticed backups are happening wayyyy too frequent. Literally every second :exploding_head:

Please if you can assist or have some idea for the best way to compress further let me know!


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I’ve never used Udesly myself (although I’ve looked into it) and my guess is that the bind attributes are being added for the conversion process. Back when I first looked into the solution for a prior client project you needed to add these manually. It looks like this process is done automatically now, but this shouldn’t have any effect on the project size.

As for the backups, this is a Webflow-specific thing and is only used to roll back updates within the Webflow ecosystem. These aren’t exported alongside your project files and it’s completely normal for those to be created with any changes that are made in the Designer. If Udesly is updating the project with these bind attributes, then I’d imagine Webflow will be taking snapshots fairly often to keep up with all of the changes.

My guess is the project contains tons of images/videos/etc that are ballooning the size, however your included link doesn’t seem to be working anymore. If the media files are the culprit, you should be able to remove chunks of these files (or, at the very least, reduce the size of them prior to exporting) and replace them after the project is uploaded to Shopify. It’s a bit of a manual process, but I’d guess the limit is only for uploading a Shopify template — not the actual storage limitations once the theme is in the account.

If you end up getting the read-only link updated I can take a closer look, but that’s what I’d recommend to fix the upload issue :+1:

Hi @mikeyevin

Thank you for the info. I will be making those adjustments throughout the weekend and see what comes of it… For now you can find a new link below.