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Webflow - Udesly - WooCommerce

Hey there! I’m new to converting from Webflow to WooCommerce - there are some issues I can’t seem to find the solution.

First problem: the Checkout page gets overwritten by Wordpress completely. The look is completely different and it pulls styles from texts for example and forces them onto the elements. Any idea how to solve this? We declared the page as Checkout in Wordpress and set up the wc:checkout on the container. (first image)

Second problem: we have products with various attributes (make, model, generation), each one should be displayed in a dropdown but no matter what element I put the attribute on the style looks like in the second picture and it adds the text snippet “Auswahl zurücksetzen” (“Reset selection”) - any tips how to handle/style this? Or do I have to set this up with variations instead of attributes?

Third problem: the register process doesn’t work, as no matter which username I choose it marks it as incorrect and the error message appears. I checked the names of the input fields again and the attribute login-area:register is on the form block itself.

Fourth problem: the mini cart works, just the totals are not shown in the end, even though I put the attribute item:totals on the text element and activated “get text from cart”.

Basically I cloned the Multy template fom Udesly and checked all the attributes, but these problems are still present. I know it’s a lot but I would be so grateful for any tips and help! Thank you so much in advance!!

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Udesly offers support/development services that you might want to inquire about using.