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Custom attribute "this is a reserved name"

I am trying to add Custom Attribute to form field f.ex. maxlength but when I type ‘maxlength’ under Custom Attribute name field it show ‘This is a reserved name.’ What am I doing wrong?

Hi @aitugans, sorry about that - it was an internal restriction we had but have just removed. We are updating our servers now, and you should be able to add maxlength if you refresh your designer in about ~5 minutes.

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Wow, you guys are sure fast with support questions.

maxlength is working now, I checked it.

Can I use Custom Attributes to override existing values like type (webflow offers 3 types: text, email, password but I would like to set it as number) because it says the same thing ‘This is a reserved name.’.?

Quick edit:

What about attributes without specified value like f.ex. disable,readonly? Is it possible to add those?


we are using this function to integrate angularjs to webflow which is very powerful to fontend-backend integration.
but, we also need to integrate thymeleaf(spring mvc + thymeleaf,server side template like angularjs,and custom tag can not be added like th:text=“username”.it restricts ‘:’.Could you help me do to this ?

thank you very much

Just wondering if this is the right thread…
question: how can I add onLoad attribute in ? it also said that its a reserve attribute… :slight_smile:
thanks a lot!