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Adding 'ref' Custom Attribute (it's currently reserved)

Hey there,

I’ve seen on this post: Custom attribute "this is a reserved name" that @callmevlad unreserved the ‘maxlength’ custom attribute for one of the community, would you guys be able to do the same for ‘ref’, please?

How are you specifically trying to use the attribute? If you are using custom code, why not just use data-ref?

Thanks for your reply!

I’m using Vue.js and want to be able to access an element via $refs in my methods, see here:

When I need custom attributes that are reserved, I just prepend the data-attributename with the value and on export strip it out / replace in the code with an editor that supports operations on a folder.

I can’t speak as to why that one was blocked. Most of the decisions appear to have been about security.

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This is a horrible solution and makes the point of using webflow useless.