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Error - This is a reserved name - 'name'

I must pass data attribute ‘name’ without custom embed


^^ I see internal restrictions can be removed according that thread, please remove this restriction.

@miekwave you cannot write name its already written… can you show me what your trying to write?

I have custom embedds for some bunch of form fields, but when there’s dozens of them its a nuisance.
Just need simple designer attributes so I can toss out custom embedds for example :
<input class="lead-form-text-field w-input" data-name="user[first_name]" maxlength="256" name="user[name]" placeholder="First name" required="required" tabindex="1" type="text">

to output on designer, but there are various data attributes


Hmm, this appears to be a Pebkac error on my part. Thank you!


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name is a default html attribute not possible. change that to user[name]


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