CSV Imports + (Multi)Reference Fields

What does the tool do?

It simply allows you to work with CSV import and use those imports alongside Reference and Multi-Reference fields.

One example would be this kind of CSV

or this one:

I hope this tool helps you guys (and girls) out! Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions!

PS: I’m aware that some people with very very large datasets are having some trouble with it, and that’s on me (I plan on refactoring the tool to better accommodate large quantities of data as soon as I have the time), but if your database doesn’t hold more than a couple of thousands items, you should be good.


Awesome @Jeandcc, any way to make this work with multi-reference fields?

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@Joseph_Mourot, it’s definitely possible since Multi-Reference fields are simple arrays in the CMS. It all depends on the structure of the data that you’re bringing in. Do you have any CSV that you would like to bring to Webflow in Multi-Reference fields? If you could share it with me, I can work with that and craft something.

Hey Jean, I have the same question re: multi-reference fiends. I’ve got a database I want to upload that’s around 250 items, each has three multi-reference fields. Did you happen to come up with a solution for this?

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Hey Ethan, would you be able to share with me the CSV that has all those multi-reference fields? I need to see how the information is going to be imported into webflow so I can come up with the best solution for this.

Hey Jean,

Just waiting on my client to finish up the CSV file and send it over to me. I can send it to you once I’ve got it (should be today).


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Sounds good with me. I’ll be waiting

@Jeandcc - question for you. I’ve got a site that is pretty basic right now and just has an airtable embedded on it to show the data we want:

We want to move this data to the CMS so we can design a much better UI/UX, but we need to be able to import multi-reference tags.

Seems like you figured out a way to do that, can you share?

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Hey everyone!

I just updated the tool so it’s a bit more user-friendly and a bit more intuitive.

I hope this helps you guys to save time!

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To everyone who’s following this thread, I made a few changes and improved the tool a little bit more.

The main aspects of this update are:

  • You will now be able to update multiple fields at the same time with the same request. It’s just a matter of adding “linking groups” to each one of the fields you want to update

  • Linking automation: You no longer have to manually link all the items to their equivalents. Fields will be automatically linked as long as they have the same name

As always, I’ll be around to help anyone who has questions or comments. Thanks!

Thanks Jean. Will the tool be back online soon?

Hey Sung, the tool is located on this URL: https://cms-gems.webflow.io/

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Hi Jeandcc, firstly, thanks for building this amazing tool. I’ve used it successfully once (with a single reference field and only 3 expressions to link), however when I try it with several expressions or the multi-reference fields I have been getting a network error/timeout message. Do you have any advice? Thanks again

Update: It appears to have worked despite the network error message :wink:

Hello Simon, thank you for getting in touch!

Apologies for taking a while to get back to you, but I’ve been swamped with assignments from work.

It seems like Webflow released their own native implementation of the tool I’ve made, maybe that can take care of your needs:

i cant get it to work with zapier, and i format each tag like this; then that; then this