CSV import now supports reference and multi-reference fields

Hi everyone - we all know that importing CMS content via CSV is a great way to speed up the process of moving from other platforms to Webflow — but before today, importing reference fields was no fun. And by “no fun” we mean “not possible”. :sweat_smile:

But hey, good news is here: now you can map CSV content to reference and multi-reference fields during the import process! :partying_face:

As the import takes place, Webflow checks the referenced Collection to confirm the imported values map to existing content in that Collection — then takes care of setting the values for each item just like any other field.

That said, there are a couple of special considerations to keep in mind as you prepare your CSV for import, such as formatting guidelines and how to treat errors or required fields, so be sure to check out our article on Webflow University.


Hi. It’s a long awaited feature. However there are some other things you should notice:
As webflow misses bulk editing, it would be nice if CSV import can work as an “updater”. F.e. I have an e-commerce project where I need to edit 1300 prices for products. I’ve downloaded a CSV file, edited the prices, and when I want to upload them - the products are considered as new ones. Is there any other workaround on this problem?


Hi @Elchin_Huseynli,

The CSV Reference and Multi-Reference mapping feature was a huge milestone for us as this feature had been requested by many for more than 2 years now.

Bulk updating was initially scoped but due to time constraints and other factors it was just not possible in this release. The only work around for updating prices in the system at this time would be either through the API or through a 3rd party system such at Zapier, Integromat, or Parabola.

I know it is not ideal, but you could also export, update, delete existing, and then upload with the new products and prices.

Have a Great Day and Happy Designing,
~ Brandon

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Boom. Really great addition! :clap: :clap:

Thank you!


I second that.
Basicially use “ITEM ID” field column to match update.

Hey @OptimusDiaz @QA_Brandon , this is a great addition! Will this now allow Zapier to create items and add values for both reference and multi-reference fields?

Hi, will the Webflow API support multi-reference import in the near future too? any timescales?

Thank you

What do you mean by “support multi-reference import”? I don’t understand what problem you are experiencing.

I built PowerImporter.com on top of the Webflow API, and it supports multi-reference fields. You simply have to give it an array of ids. I use it to sync Airtable record links as multi-reference fields. It works great.

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Hey Marc, thank you for your response. Great job with power importer. Super handy tool indeed.

In my case, I am using Webflow’s API to occupy multi-reference fields directly into Webflow CMS I can actually see multi-reference now in the API doc Webflow CMS API Reference but haven’t been able to test it yet. Hopefully it will be able to import MR fields in the same way that the new CSV import provides.

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Webflow, why can’t you do this with Ecomm. People doing custom Zapier and Integromat (MAKE) flow to do this? Totally ridiculous. There should be a simpler way. Great that you did it for CMS. Congratulations