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CSS linking broken since new update


Since I received the message saying that the latest update has applied a minimise CSS option any site I export and publish refuses to call the CSS at all. It publishes fine via the publish option but refuses to work when exporting the site.

Please could this be looked into asap as I have sites I need to upload to my server and this has completely halted my whole workflow.

I have opened up a site file and in the stylesheet on the index page it seems to be misreading the css in as much is it not calling the .webflow command it is just calling the sitename.

*this is happening whether you have minimise css ticked or not.

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Hi have the same problem.

Please fix this ASAP I have more than a client complaining and I can’t do anything about it.

Thank you !

Hi alexvs, in the short term, rename your css file that normally has the .webflow prefix to the same structure as the currently broken one…so for example where it should be


change to


Then upload to server and it will display properly. This will get you out of trouble until the fix is issued.

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I have issues since this morning too. Not only the exported site isn’t linked to the css anymore, but numerous classes have been altered along the site, such as links losing their ‘no underline’ properties. It shows in the designer and on published site.

I’ve contacted support, I hope it’s reversible.

Bad times. This is pretty much unacceptable.

Has it even been tested before being pushed live?

How on earth was it not spotted?

For the moment there is the CSS file rename workaround, which is a quick one, and it seems I’m the only one reporting the issue with styles affected. It’s an important thing and I’m sure it will be fixed withing the next hours.

I understand the frustration, I’m a bit scared too. Luckyly I have no client on my back today. I understand the stress if you do. I’m sure they tested it. Since last april, I’ve seen only a couple of bugs after the light redesign of the UI, fixed within a day, and this one today, that I’m sure will be fixed within the day also.

Yeah, I’m sure it will be fixed aswell. Webflow is utterly fantastic as is their service but it sure gives me palpitations when something like this is pushed out live!

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If you’re like me, a freelance with many clients, it makes you realize that we’re relying on an online service. It can break. There must be a way to inform our client that sometimes it can break and we can eventually face a short delay in our work. This should be part of our contracts. We can do amazing things with WF but there are some aspects we will never have leverage on.

I’m exactly like you Vincent. A freelance with lots and lots of clients.

Webflow rocks my world as it has completely transformed by workflow but as you rightly point out, we are reliant on an online service.

Heart rate is returning to normal whilst I await Sergei and the guys to comment.

Frustrating as I’m in the UK and now have to wait for them all to wake up in the States!!

France here, we’re the GMT people taking over the forum everyday during WF people sleep :wink:


GMT rocks. Except when Webflow breaks. :slight_smile:

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So was this only on sites being exported not ones hosted with Webflow? Golden29 and vincent, I’m also a free lancer with a decent client base and growing all the time. I’m curious if either of you host many client sites on WF.

Hi Jdesign,

No, All my sites are hosted on my own servers.

As for sites hosted on Webflow, I have to assume they are fine as when publishing they show up perfectly.

CSS issue: only on exported websites, easy workaround by renaming one css file
link issue I’m facing: on designer, webflow staging, exported code.

Small company here with a few webflow customers, the export bug scared me this morning but I had an email from Webflow support in less than an hour about the workaround.


The export function seems to be working all ok again now. Excellent.

Was there an official statement regarding this in the end or not?

I witness that too.

Haven’t seen one.