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Exported site CSS bugs - doesn't look like the published and editor versions

I was quite surprised (and frustrated) when I exported my first site from webflow and saw that it looked very different from the one I had just been editing.

I found this old topic that hinted to the problem:
Exported site CSS doesn’t behave as the published site

but could not add a simpler solution because the forum topic has been closed. So I’m adding it here for future reference in case anyone else needs it

the problem is not in the CSS. it’s in the html file exported by webflow.
and imho this is a bug

This is how it appears in google chrome dev tools if you do “edit as html”
you will see the exported editor littered with a weird character (a red dot here) and spacing between tags

and this is how it appears in VS Code: littered with a weird (?) character in between the tags

to delete the extra spacing you can

1 - minify the file with
this will delete the spacing and artifacts created by the exporter

2 - re-format to make it readable with
this will make it readable once again - without the nasty formatting

if you find a way to do it directly in an editor like VSCode please let me know as the extensions I tried didn’t quite work…neither did searching and replacing

now the question is:

why can’t webflow directly export it corrected…without the bug?

hope this helps you improve your product

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