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CSS issue : Montserrat Font Family

Before moving to Webflow, we were using unbounce for our landing page.

Now, we would like to use webflow but we would like the same user experience we have on unbounce.

We have added same font Montserrat font family as we had on unbounce but that is not reflecting same on webflow.

Please compare and give us help to know how we can fix:



For better understanding, please also check this link :

Thanks in advance for your help.

so are you saying the font looks different or that it’s showing up differently in the code :thinking:?

Hi. Thanks for your help.

They look different in Safari and other browsers as well.

Please check the provided links to see this display issue.

okay, so, I did. They looked the same to me, that’s why I asked. I’m on chrome. Maybe someone using another browser could chime in?

Just looks to me like the weighting is different. Without double checking, I think I remember Montserrat having like 8-9 different weight options so you might want to just double check that.

So this one is the Webflow site, it looks to be Regular

This one is Unbounce which seems to be Thin, Light or Extra-Light

Also worth noting, this font looks to be Raleway, not Montserrat

Not sure if this helps at all but you might want to just double check some of the font settings.

Edit: I’m using Firefox