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CSS for outlined text not working

Hello everyone.

I am very new to using CSS within webflow and and struggling to get my code to work.I want to outline my text, labeled “photography-title-text”, but I am struggling to get it to work with my code.

I do not know if my code is wrong or something else. I have tried with the text transparent and filled and still no luck either in the designer or preview. Please take a look at my screenshots.

Thank You

Welcome to the community @gg_England!

It’s hard to diagnose the exact issue without being able to take a closer look at your project, but any changes to the Page Setting code aren’t shown in the Designer—you’ll need to publish the site for them to take effect. Try moving that code into an HTML Embed element (which do allow styles to render within the Designer window).

If you’re still having issues, please include your read-only link and I’ll take a look into it for you :v:

I have the same problem. Have you find a solution yet?