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Ball-Park Figure for Site Required

Good morning,

Could interested parties please provide a ball-park figure for reproducing a site such as this one

I understand this is a very ‘loose’ request but a guide price would be useful for my client. Please contact me on

Thank you

You can make it a lot less lose by doing the parts of the job you can do:

  • list the pages/templates you need to see reproduce and give a list of them with a url for each
  • for each page/template, list the features that are essential and the features that aren’t

Even if you want everything, list the templates and for each template list all the features in 2 groups: static/graphic design features and shop/product discoverability features.

Describe very precisely what the dev breakdown will be: where does the work of the WF designer starts and stop, who develop the site, what tehchnology will be used, what are the deliverables.

Describe precisely in what form the graphic design will come to the designer, guidelines, anything. The brief won’t be—i hope—“copy this site” so the designers need to know if they have to create a look and feel for you—art direction phase—or if you provide it.

Also you’re missing the essential. Start by stating who you are, name and location of the company, what you’ve done.

So if this is a quote for you to be able to give a quote to your client, that doesn’t sound like there is a job behind this yet, that’s also something useful to describe, what are the chances this project comes to reality.

All this will, I’m confident, help you to get more serious answers from more experimented designers. Hope this helps!

Thank you Vincent. I don’t usually outsource so this is new to me.

I had rather hoped to get a feel for the price, is it a £5000 job or more likely a £10,0000 (subject to a more detailed brief of course). I want to ensure that the client - who is seriously looking for this work to be done is aware of the reality of how complex this piece of work is. So if anyone can offer a a rough guideline it would be appreciate. Once I have a detailed design brief I will of course be requesting solid quotations.

There is roughly one grid that you need to consider 3 to 4 templates for (home, category etc)
There’s one product page with a bit of JS zoom features.
6 more templates are needed for info, log and transition pages.
And the purchase tunnel + shopping cart.

So depending on the designer this can cost 5K to upper, for the design of the templates.

If you want to site to be a CMS, it adds up. If you want to add e-commerce to it, it adds up again. You haven’t set the scope of what you expect to get yet (only design, or design+dev, or at direction+design+dev) (:

That’s brilliant @vincent - thank you. This gives me something to work with and is most helpful. Have a great day :smile:

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Yes, important to know what you need.

Is it design only (delivered html/css to developers of your choice), design and development (design and ecommerce solution and cms)? Or also art directon etc?

Curious to hear. Or mail me on . We’ve done a lot of Webflow (CMS) sites, but also did a lot of custom site designs done in Webflow and taken them to commerce solutions such as WooCommerce (WordPress) for example. (Example: This design I’ve done in webflow was later built in Webflow with ecommerce solution built in).

Hi @rowan I would like guideline prices based on design and development. I do not have the experience to build the custom design feature you see here!/h7ie36edpyd86w2/0/design

But I think leaving the whole thing with one person is the simplest way to do it.

What store platform are they using? I couldn’t spot it in the code easily.

Hi @jdesign - sorry I have no idea.

Apologies for the late response.