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Creating grid layout from a collection?

Any thoughts on the best way to build this table / column style layout from collection data?

Grid would be perfect for this but unfortunately looking at this forum post it looks like collections and grid will not work together …


ah, yes, I think there are lots of people hoping for a quick release of grid for CMS :slight_smile:. You could do this with flex without too many issues, too.

Hey Sarah. I will play around with flex and see how it goes - thanks for your help.

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Let us know if you need more help!

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Another work around (hack) is using multiple collection lists within a grid wrapper and setting the visibility on each list to one item.

Thanks @johnminshall hope to get a chance over the weekend to play around with different options.

To be honest at this point flex is till the best option.

Collections support for grid is marked as in development here but hard to know when it will ship. Hopefully not too long. in the meantime flex does look like the best option.

ah, yes, the good ole webflow ‘soon’ :wink: . To be fair to them, that could be next week, it could also be quite a while yet. It will make blogs and other cms collections so much more flexible!

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‘soon’ indeed :slight_smile: … still getting used to how everything works on Webflow but if I run into any issues with flex I’ll pop back here. Thanks again for your help @sarahfrison and @johnminshall

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Glad to be of help! :+1:

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