Collection lists + CSS Grid in webflow

Will it be possible to use collection lists with grids anytime? Yes you can drop a collection list into a grid cell but I mean dropping collection items into grid cells for example. I remember it being talked about as a feature and that it would roll out shortly after CSS Grid was released but haven’t heard anything yet.

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Its working now. You can have collections in the grid

Ok, for me it says “grid support for collections is coming soon”. Hopefully it is sooner than later.

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Ok?.. sounds strange. Im using collection in the grid

Hey @johnminshall and @JanneWassberg

It is currently possible to place a collection list inside of a grid parent element.
It is not supported to make a collection list be a grid parent with collection items following a grid structure.

This feature is supposed to be coming in a future update to the grid functionality. Hopefully this clears up any confusion.


Hey everyone - ‘Support for grid on Collection lists’ was also mentioned in this blog post from last October but has there been any sign or mention of it since?

Any news on this update please?..‘to make a collection list be a grid parent with collection items following a grid structure.’

The question was brought up with Vlad in the quarterly review on YouTube and its coming very soon apparently. Hopefully not too long now then.

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Trying to do this now, in 2021… does this work yet? I mean, it seems like a #nocode no-brainer. If not, yet another fail for me to my client. Anyone? Anyone?

EDIT: I was able to figure out I can change the collection list to a Grid; but, oddly on their own page it says “You can’t define grid areas for Collection lists, but can do so with Collection items within Collection lists.” These kinds of “gotcha’s” just frustrate me to no end. I want a nice grid for a Multi-image CMS field with images of varying size… exactly what it seems Grid Areas are made for… can I? Seems like a NOPE :frowning:

EDIT 2: I literally am back on this thread, because I googled the same problem, and came here to realize I’m trying to do this AGAIN. Can someone explain WHY WHY WHY the collection list ignores grid areas, and if this will ever get fixed??? I’m now using it with a lightbox, and wondering why it doesn’t span 2 columns I’ve joined? I mean, what could be more basic design-wise??? I swear I hate this platform.

Is it fixed? Or when will this be added to the platform?

Still not fixed. It’s now 2023.