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Creating extra code

Hey folks! Still feeling my way through design skills on webflow. Got a quick question for everyone. How do people keep down excess code, therefore potentially slowing the site down?

I know people use tools like figma prior to designing on webflow, which I am learning. But what do most people do? Do they use a practice project then transfer everything over? Do they design sections and animations first then do all over again on webflow?

The reason I ask, is that I find myself fine-tuning for days to make sure everything is right on the full site. Is this creating extra code each time I make an adjustment?

Just wondered how the experts go about building through webflow whilst keeping the size and coding down to a minimum.

Thanks so much in advance. :grinning:

PS also if anyone had any tips on best way to get more actively involved on the forums? Best pages etc? And at what stage can anyone post projects and apply for work?