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Creating embedded video into static phone mockup graphic


I have a psd mockup of a phone and i need to replace the screen contents with a video (can be youtube, vimeo or even gif).

How would i go about doing this with webflow??

I remember some months ago someone posted an example of this on the forum, but i cant seem to find it anywhere.


Place the video in a div container, container set to position:relative, video container set to position absolute top left… Put your transparent image of the phone on top of it, position:absolute top left.

The video would have to be autoplay, or use a gifanim, becuse once a tranparent bitmap over the video, user can’t click play.

You can also embed the iphone into the video itself, works very well.

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thanks vincent, any chance u know of any good android screen recording apps?

At all, I never found one. So I’m interrested if you find one. Although I’m not sure I’ll ever address the android app market again… (:

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