Creating Editable User Profile Pages like LinkedIn

I am building a job board and exploring the user accounts option, with dynamic content. I am wondering if it’s possible to extend the usability of the user accounts feature to create user profiles that are editable by the user? Think LinkedIn profile pages and company pages editable by the profile owners. Also functionality if a user wants to save a job or company page for themselves, for them to view their saved items when they log into their account… Is this possible to build in Webflow? I have started building out my site, but am now realizing that this is a serious limitation if it’s not possible. A tool like is very limiting in that I would be locked into the platform if I ever wanted to export my code and move to self-hosting.

Hi Aanchal,

Webflow is not an app-building platform, but it can be done with some work.
Here are the two most common approaches;

Webflow-hosted site + CMS + 3rd party tools;

For what you’ve described so far, I’d guess;

  • Some form of login system with the ability to get user information. User accounts can be made to work with extra programming, but Memberstack is a much more complete choice here.
  • Likes & favorites tracking. Most people use Jetboost .io for this, another service
  • A way to build consoles that load and save current user info from the CMS. This is generally all custom code work, either with serverless functions or automations to integrate with Webflow’s API for create, update, and delete functionality. Retrieve can be done natively using collection lists.

Webflow-designed pages + Devlink to build a React app

This give you all the flexibility of the designer, and all the freedom of a full app development model. However you’d need to know React, and you’d host the site elsewhere.

Webflow-hosted site + Wized + Xano

Gives you a full nocode development framework on Webflow, including a full relational database, but includes 3 monthly hosting fees.

Another approach I use often is;

Hybrid Webflow-hosted site + CMS + User Accounts + Reverse Proxy

This is currently my favorite approach, as it gives me all of the basic functionality that Webflow provides but also lets me extend the functionality of User Accounts into a complete, fully-integrated system, with no added monthly costs.

Every one of these approaches has service dependencies, but Devlink would give you the most freedom, by giving you 100% of the responsibility for building all of those infrastructure pieces yourself.

So is Webflow. Not everything is exported with the CMS ( custom code, etc…) and migration is not trivial unless you are a developer.