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Creating accounts for my webflow site

Hello guys,

I don’t know really if I should ask this here but I will love to know if someone here created a website with the possibility of creating user accounts.

I really need to do this in my website and I would like to know if it’s possible with the sites made in WebFlow.

Basically just having a "log in"option and create account for different users. Is this compatible with webflow? If so, how?


Hi @ollo, thanks for your question. At the moment, this is not possible, but we do have this on our feature request please submit it to our Wish List and we’ll notify you if we make it :slight_smile: More info on our Wish List here:

Cheers, Dave

Thanks for your answer Dave.

So It’s not even possible even if I get someone to program it? I dont need this to be a feature in the website, but I can’t even code this?

Because is kind of a deal breaker with WF

Thank you very much!

I’m not ready with my site yet but with my limited coding skills and a lot of trying different cms and plugins the best and so far easiest solution for me has to be OctoberCMS and the user plugin. Check it out. You need to export the the site and you need to learn the cms but you dont need to do any coding actually.

I dont know what’s tahta but i ll check it out

you can do what you need in php or coldfusion.

you need a developer… not a designer.

“The page you requested doesn’t exist or is private.”