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The creation of user accounts on webflow sites?

I have many clients that would love to have customers create accounts on their site… but with webflow this is impossible?
when are you going to implement this?

This should be a tool that is mandatory… lol

along with a calendar in the forms so when people are picking times and days for appointments there is a calendar that drops down and people can just select the day.

PLEASE DO THIS! These are more important features to web designers because it gives us the ability to live in the shoes of a developer as well.

You likely can incorporate this with a 3rd party calendar tool. There are many out there that offer embedding options. I don’t see this feature coming natively to Webflow until after the API is launched which may be a year out or longer. I’m sorry I don’t have better news. Good luck.

No I know i can do it with a 3rd party company but thats the thing. Webflow
is truley amazinggg but it can be so much more with some of the most
simplest tools… for example. A search bar, it searches for keywords on
yoursite… instead of paying 300 dollars a month to swiftype, webflow
could totally make this a priority lol. Its kind of crazy that they don’t
have things like this yet.

I’m pretty sure some kind of search will be coming soon. Release of their API is extremely important for building extensions onto the framework and many will have to wait until that is ready.