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Creating a smart multi-reference collection

Hi there,

I would like to find out if something is possible using Webflow.

I have two collections. Let’s say the first collection is called ‘Parent’. This collection has these fields:



The second collection is called ‘Child’. This collection has the following fields:



Now on a single page, I would like to show a list of all Parents with the corresponding information. Under ‘Children’ I would like to show the children of the Parent. So under the Parent with ParentID 7, I would like to show all Children (and the corresponding information, such as Age) with ParentID 7.

I know you can use the multi-reference function to manually link one or multiple Children to a Parent. However, I would like this to be automated so that I don’t have to give this input manually. I would like to be able to input a Parent and Child data file and that the Children will automatically be linked to the right Parent.

In other words you would want to say something like:

Show all Children where ParentID = currentParentID

Does this make sense? Is there any way to automate this? Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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