How to create a quizz with an ending page depending on the answers?

Hello !

I have an interrogation that is messing with my head since few weeks.

We would like to put an “auto-diagnostic” quizz on our website asking 12 questions with only “yes” or “no” answers.

Everytime a person answers no, we would like to list some recommandations at the ending page for each answer.

For example if someone is answering 6 times “no”, we would like to have 6 recommandations listed at the end, with a note, if they answer 12 times “yes”, then no recommandations, only a 10/10 “grade”.

Is it possible to make this on webflow or should we integrate an external quizz from another plateform ?
Also, I couldn’t find any survey website that could make me able to do it, I tried on typeform and other plateforms.

Any help ? :pleading_face:

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Sonia, welcome to the forum.

Google “quiz builder”, you’ll find three types of solutions…

  • Quiz builder services that make life easy for you, like Outgrow QuizMaker
  • Libraries on JS builders that you can integrate, like QuizLib
  • Tutorials on how to build from scratch, in JS

Which one you choose depends on the complexity of the questions, the complexity of the progressions, how often it will be edited/changed, who would be changing it, what kind of scoring you need, up-front cost, monthly cost, etc.

In your case, your needs sound simple and straightfoward.
If you’re ok writing relatively simple javascript, I’d recommend you use the CMS for the question & recommendation content, and collection lists with script to do the unveiling. You can’t get much easier than a yes/no answer.

If you need dev assistance to build that piece, I’m working through the holidays this year. Feel free to PM me for details.

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