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Creating a menu bar without reloading

Hey guys, your tool is amazing, but i need your help!
I want to create a horizontal navigation menu bar in the top of the website.
But I want to be able to change this in one place. And not have the menu reload when clicking on a menu item.

Here is an example

So the menu should be fixed, and beneath it when clicking menu items, the webpage refreshes to the selected menu item contents. With a menu.html file directing to page1.html page2.html etc…
This way it would be possible to play music attached to the menu bar, which would not stop when going to menu items.

Is it possible to create such a structure with Webflow?

Hi @koala, if your menu item links are setup to navigate to sections on the same page, this can be done. If you are actually changing pages (i.e. clicking menu on page1 takes you to page2), then this is not possible, because loading the new page reloads the body and all other elements on the second page and the music element is no longer loaded.

I hope I understand the question correctly.

You can also setup a link and using some custom code, you can load up a section from another page into your current page using Ajax. For this you need to use jQuery, and custom jQuery script to load that up. You need to be familiar with jQuery to do this. There is a good jQuery tutorial at that is 3 hours long, but teaches you the basics, what you need to know about jQuery to create something like this.

Is that what you are trying to do, load content from another page without reloading the page itself?

Cheers, Dave