Having a fixed no-reload sidebar app


I would like to create a webpage/dashboard with a sidebar on the left that does not reload when I click on link inside it, but instead load content on the main frame on the right.
Something similar to lots of app, like Gmail, Messenger, Google message, etc…

At the moment I have only been able to use a Vertical Navbar, which is great because it hides and create a menu on mobile (sweet), but does not feel like an app, because it reloads entirely with the page when I click on a link on it.

Any idea? Is it even possible with Webflow?

Thank you for your help!

Not possible at the moment. Those techniques need DOM manipulation and this isn’t a layer we can access, even with custom code. So persistent elements, URL rewriting, page transitions aren’t things we can do with Webflow, or do easily with Webflow yet.


Thank you so much for you precise answer. I guess it is with limitations that creation and ideas can thrive… No choice anyway :slight_smile: