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Creating a Dynamic Slider in Webflow

Hey @SidneyOttelohe , can you provide a new link? old one is broken :frowning:

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I’d really love to check out the tutorial, I think the link is dead now however?

Can anyone that has this working on an https site please post the required code that I need to get it working again.

Many thanks,

Please ignore…i figured it out. Had code in the header, just had to replace it with:
but in the footer. All works now.


Hey guys!

Sorry for the late reply here, I had accidentally deleted the project while cleaning up my dashboard a while back… :confused:

I have seen a lot of people needing help or having troubles getting this to work, so I’m going to make a new tutorial based on all your feedback in this post! :tada:

I’ll start by using a simpler and newer library like Slick or maybe even just built one from scratch specifically for this purpose? :thinking:

I will keep you guys posted!


@SidneyOttelohe, I got excited when I found your original post because I need a dynamic slider as well. If you have any recommendations while you are working on your solution please do let me know.

Thank you @SidneyOttelohe for your hard work.

I look forward to seeing your tutorial when you have completed it! :smile:

Is anyone able to explain this part of building the slider?
Only just found out there isn’t a “Proper” Webflow dynamic slider and need to build one soon for a project!


Need to do an explainer maybe I’ll do a video to walkthrough it. Here is something I’ve been working on. For now you can deconstruct the sliders. with the share link. It makes three different types of pages for sliders. I have been using @SidneyOttelohe’s method on many sites.

It s more functional than a pretty site.
Share Link :

published site

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Thanks for the links, They are very useful. If you are able to do an explainer video that would be great!


I’m confused by this post. You mention you have a way to create a dynamic slider, and all i see is a preview site showing the finished result? Where is the tutorial? Did i miss it or was it removed?

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Yeah doesn’t seem to be anything here?

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Yeah. I noticed the author of this post does this often where he posts a demo, and never actually explains how he created it. I found another post he created where he did the same thing. Can be very frustrating. I actually just learned how to create a Dynamic Slider myself on my own, and i will be posting a video on Thursday on how to create it. If your interested please add me or send me a message and i will link you the how-to video once i’m finished. The method i’m making the video is purely webflow without using other plugins.


I have been looking for this as well, please keep me posted.


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Keep me posted too, please :grinning:

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Would be great! Can’t wait, thanks! :wink:

Thanks for the example!
It would be great if you could publish “clone” link of the project…

I will do. I guses I felt it was brutally rough and ugly, but I can see
how even that would be helpful.


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Here is the showcase site. @gurigurico The project is now clonable