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Webflow I-30 CMS Gallery livestream

Hi an email was sent out last week about a live stream showing the CMS gallery development, the link provided: was returning a 404 and now shows info about CSS grid.

Email screengrab about this:


Is there any update on this please?


You should be able to watch the reply of the stream below. Towards the middle of the stream, @kkilat shows a demo of the CMS Gallery feature. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


when will this be in production?

Webflow does not provide future launch dates. They may announce invitations to test a feature. When the testing is done and the product is launched, they will announce the launch.

thank you for your reply. so, no dynamic sliders and no workarounds at this point to make this work. got it.

Hi Nelson,

Thanks for the clarification and the video and thanks to @Lindapham and @kkilat too.
Much appreciated.
Looking forward to using the Multi Image field once available.


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Hi Adrian,

You can do CMS sliders using Cycle2.js and @jbleroux’s method in this thread: Creating a Dynamic Slider in Webflow
Jeremy kindly shared an example here: Creating a Dynamic Slider in Webflow
This worked for me but it’s worth being aware that there will be an integrated method to do similar soon using the Multi Image Field so you may need to rework this method in the future.

Hope this helps.
Best wishes.