Creating a complex search field

Hey, everyone!

I want to know if is currently possible on Webflow to create a complex search field like the one below. It’s ok if custom code is necessary.

I’m aware it’s possible to create awesome filters on Webflow but I would like to know if such complex search fields are possible as well.

Here is my public share link: LINK

Maybe it’s possible with Mixitup:

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Do note that if you use mixitup, you’ll have to initially load (display) ALL items in the collection for the custom code to “filter” later on, as mixitup is a client-side script.


If that’s the case then using MixItUp’s select-dropdown won’t really help me. Then how can I make a page where people can explore and filter items from a CMS Collection? If I have 1000+ items to display am I really forced to display them all at once if I want users to be able to use a filter?