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Advanced Search Design


I am trying to figure out if it is possible to create this kind of concept on Webflow:

This is basically an advanced search box.
The one marked red is a general topic the client should pick from, the blue one is a more specific topic from the general topic and black is just a general search box.

I want the elements beneath to change based on the choices in the drop downs or the general search. I have been through the Webflow general functionality but couldn’t find a way to make this a reality.

I know you can make the search box but I am not sure about the dropdowns I want to make

Is this actually possible to do in Webflow?

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Unfortunately this can’t be done natively in Webflow but there’s always workarounds for these kinds of things, check this out:

Hope this helps

Sorry to Bump such an old thread, but I had a question on this. Does this mean you need to use the features in mixitup and than just customize the dropdowns to your aesthetic appeal?