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How to design in Webflow and use Wordpress for complex features

Hey community,

I have a new prospective client who wants a site with a simple single landing page and functionality where his users/clients can pay and login/register to view course material. Also some smaller functionalities like when a user completes the registration they automatically get an email with a link to his community/group chat platform.

I love Webflow and make all of my client projects here and want to design the site with login/register and locked pages functionality and it doesn’t seem possible without using services like Memberstack or MemberSpace etc which is gonna be expensive for him to pay for both of the services monthly.

So I’m wondering is there any way to make and design a site in Webflow and convert the exported code to Wordpress (I’ve heard of Udesly) or any other way around or solution to his request. I’m a designer and a developer and can make a custom theme but that’ll require too much time and will be painful because Wordpress curse word.

Thank you for your help in advance. I Love Webflow just wish I could meet my clients’ goals easier.

Hey Karan,

I can help. Please get in touch with me over email to discuss this further in detail. Or skype me: live:amanda_17153