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Creating a Chat Bot for Webflow! Help needed

Hi there,

I am trying to find a third party solution for my need of creating an interactive chat bot for my website.

I am trying to build / find a chat bot which would help a user to self discover himself through a long range of questions and answers, with the ability for the user to download a file with the outcomes afterwards.

I am not looking for widgets which do appear as a small chats in the corner, I am rather looking for a fully customisable ai chat bot which could be powerful enough to handle long conversations based on my methodology (which in essence is an Excel file of questions), with the ability of the user to download a sheet with the answers afterwards.

Could you recommend potentially viable products which could help me deliver what I am looking for?

Thanks, Michael

From what I read on your question you don’t want a chat bubble at the bottom of the page but what you’re describing is precisely that.

There are tons of solutions out there to create chat bots that guide the user through different solutions depending on what they’re looking for. I can recommend a few of them and I’ll list the relevant feature when possible:


Like I mentioned earlier, there tons of others but those are the one that come to my mind right now. Hope this helps.


Thank you, for that list!
Chatbot conversations could be structured or unstructured in nature. Designing a nuanced chatbot conversation flow can be tricky, but a good Custom Chatbot Development company can help you with that.

Hello Michael! Have you ever considered using some chatbot development platform? You can try building an MVP first and see how it works. Or maybe it would be better to opt for a [custom chatbot development]( since what platforms offer, is often only limited functionality. I hope this helps.

Hi Michael,

Take a look at for an easy to build conversational AI chatbot platform. The reporting allows you to really dig into every conversation to gain insights and train the AI. The platform excels on ecommerce platforms but also does support, lead gen and if you like you can create a conversational bot with a personality just for fun at no cost.