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Chatbots for websites

Thinking :thinking: about chatbots…

What are your thoughts? Do they save time, convert etc? Can you recommend any good 1’s that work well with webflow (of course) Thanks :pray:


Hello @RoseWebStudio

It depends on your project, if your site is high traffic and need a lot of interaction to convert visitors then is definitely worth it, if you don’t have that much traffic and the enquires can be dealt through email then a simple submission form would do.

I use a couple of them an they integrate really nice with Webflow (any chatbots these days can be integrated adding a few lines of code)

I use Crisp and Freshchat.

The first one I normally use it for clients who just need a way to be contacted quickly and where they can resolve issues there in the chat. The second one I use it for my own company because you can convert conversations into tickets to give a much detailed support if needed, freshchat is part of a more complete suite for customer management Freshworks.

Hope this helps.


Thank you :pray: I will check them out

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Hi! How can we integrate them with Webflow? Can you share that information?

Im working on à test implementation right now. Will keep you informed If you like to

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I would love to. How as it been so far? Easy ou quite tricky?

Hi i have tried 2 different bot’s at the moment. They are VERY easy to install. What takes time is to set up the path/rules/ on how the bot will act and respond

That’s nice to know. Which one have you tried? How to install? By adding custom code inside the Webflow?

You only Have to paste some code to your site. I have tested several bots ans so far this is the best

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Thanks Aaron! I was just wondering about this!

Hi guys, works well with Webflow.
You just have to copu paste the Joonbot code snippet and it’s done.
You can find here the instructions ->

For bots to convert, you need a good catchphrase, and propose something useful.
We can have a talk on this if you want :slight_smile:

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You only Have to paste some code to your site. I have tested several bots and so far this is the best.

A chatbot is also called as virtual assistant. It is an automated response generator that is used to help solve the queries your website visitors might have.

One of the biggest use cases of chatbots is to improve customer experience by automating support of all sorts for the visitor. It can be a very simple query in regards to the onboarding process or an essential one like pricing or documentation requirements.

I use WotNot.