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Create Link without HTTP

Is it possible to create a link block that doesn’t automatically insert “http://” before the URL? I’m trying to create a link using javascript for a shopping cart, where the link should be

<a href="javascript:sraddtocheckout(75452);"></a>

but Webflow keeps adding “http://” to the URL by default. How can I prevent this?

Great question, @jordanshotwell

Try using the Embed component and just add your own code.

Nailed it! Thanks @PixelGeek. Is there a reason that Webflow does this?

To help those that don’t know how to code but still give flexibility to those that do. :wink:

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99% of the time users type in a link like “” but this actually is not a valid link and will not go to the correct page unless it has an “http://” in the href. Hope that helps!

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