Avoiding http:// when placing a link

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I am trying to ad this {tag_itemurl_withhost} in a link box. How ever, the system automatically ads “http://” before my tag. Is there any way to avoid it to happen?

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Hi, what code are you exactly trying to produce? Can you post the ideal code you’d like webflow to generate for your links?

I’ve had the same problem… and have requested they remove this.

I’ve prefer if it was blank - that way I can add a direct url…

for example:



If you are planning on using php / cf / asp etc… add a custom attribute.

Then… you can scan the code and auto-replace the href value.

That’s what I do.

Hi Revolution, Vincent, thanks for your quick answer.

Revolution, I also would prefer it was blank. I am using Business Catalyst and I need to add a {tag} that the system will turn into a link to an custom app item.

Vincent, this is what I am needing to produce:

Item name

When entering a URL, you can append the backtick character and Webflow will allow anything after that to skip validation:

@diegona In your case, you would enter “`{tag}” and then tab out of the input field, and it should change to “{tag}” :smile:

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I didn’t know this. :smile:
Very useful. Just tested it… it works.


@callmevlad Wow, thank you for your help! Very useful.

Have you both a great day, Diego.

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