Create Global Site Search and Page Search

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I am looking at using Webflow for a customer, but I am trying to understand if I can create “on-page” searches for only the content on the current page that scrolls to the specific searched content using anchors. As well as having a global site search.

  1. Is this possible in Webflow?

  2. I know this is possible in Elastic, but not sure if I can use Webflow only as a way to accomplish this?

Something like this:

Any help here would be greatly appreciated, as I’m under the gun to get a proposal out.

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Hey @Stephen_Medve , I have personally not looked into using this with my other sites but a Site Search functionality does exist within Webflow. Here is a class from Webflow University you can look at:

That is not possible with Webflow’s search. The search functions against the entire index (you can control what gets indexed) and you can’t limit the scope. Webflow limits the functionality of the Elastic search implementation. You would have to look at custom code or a third party search tool.

Thanks @webdev ,

That’s what I thought, but just wanted to see if it was possible with the out-of-the-box functionality.

Quick thought - I was thinking I can use the embed feature and build an on-page search through a plug-in or just use straight javascript and make anchors that match heading tags and content triggers.


  1. If I do this, would you know of any issues that I would run into, if I want to publish using Webflow’s Siteplan?
  2. Can I create CMS Collections that can be segmented for my client that the anchor can pull, so that my client can just change and update copy more easily?

Any help would be great here :slight_smile:
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