Create form calculators in Webflow

Hi I’m new here, I wanna create this type of calculator: it’s called BMR calculator.
Is this possible in webflow? is there an integration or app that allows me to create a similar to that one in webflow?

Very good question, I was wondering about this possibility too.
I also tried to create something similiar but less complex, without success.
Will be very nice if its possible to do directly on the Webflow but I think is not… maybe with some kind of integration…? I don’t know. :thinking:

How about type form?

Hi Jason, I am using Typeform actually.
Typeform have some limitations with its pre-defined mechanics and customizations.
But is an amazing tool indeed.

Hi Magicofadi,

I was looking for calculators like that for a long time and I found that solved all the headaches. They have a very friendly design and you can embed them in your website without any problem with a simple short code!