Create embed video in great quality and a good loading speed

Hey guys,

So I’m trying to make a website and for that, I need to embed videos in very great quality with a good loading speed.
There are some websites that succeed to do that like :

I already tried with background videos but those are not sharp enough for me not like websites I showed you.

So my question is, how did they succeed to embed videos in fullscreen and in great quality with a good loading speed AND without the control bar/player.

Is Vimeo a good option like Vimeo hosting videos for the website ?

Thanks guys !

Hi @Arnaud_Seillier

The best way to use videos in Webflow is to insert it inside an iframe. This gives the most control without using your own server. That can get a little too complex for most people to manage. Since you can’t add the video tag inline without server access, an iframe is the best option. That’s what this sample site is using.

Hey @garymichael1313

Thanks a lot for the answer, would you have an example of a simple iframe code for embed a video in it.
I can’t manage to do it I just have a picture…

Thanks again for any help ! :slight_smile: